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Why should I create an account?

By creating an account, you’ll be notified on the latest news and updates. You’ll be able to have access on your order status and history. In addition, we are working on creating a membership account with a reward program. This means more items will be up for grab!

How to purchase an item?

  • Go to SHOP
  • Select item(s)
  • Add to cart
  • Proceed with payment

Or refer here for in-depth how-tos.

What is the size guide?

The size of the items vary based on the brand. The standard sizing measurement are s, m, l and xl.

What is the payment method?

  • Payment gateway
  • PayPal (4% PayPal fee will be incurred)
  • Bank transfer*

*If the payment is made through bank transfer, kindly keep the receipt as proof of payment and email a copy of the receipt to

What is the delivery method?

Each package will be delivered via third party courier (local and international courier may vary). The options will be available at checkout.

How to track my order?

Once an item is purchased, a confirmation letter will be sent via email together with the tracking code. You may track your item on the respective courier’s website by entering the tracking code.

How long is the shipment?

Depending on the item and location of buyer, the shipment will be 1 – 3 working days (it may take longer during festive seasons)

How to cancel an order?

All orders will be made final and cancellation of item is inapplicable.

How to exchange or return item(s)?

All orders will be made final and exchange or return of item is inapplicable.

Are all items available on the website authentic?

Yes indeed! All available items are no doubt from established sources that LEFRIGHT has associated with from all around the world.

Is there a physical store?

As if you read our mind! Yes, a physical store is in the planning so sign up with us now and be among the first to be notified!

Do you offer personal shopping?

Yes we do! To those of you who wish to find and purchase item(s) of any brand, kindly provide the details – name of item and brand, size, colour and a picture (optional) – and email to Best believe we’ll do our best to find those items!