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LEFTRIGHTLEFTRIGHT ORIGINALS encompasses the versatility of equal interventions, derived from the idea that everything in life equates in finding the right balance. It is a place for self-expression, intuitive fashion and eclectic way of dress.

We aspire to build a bridge that connects people of unique minds, likes, tastes, styles and diverse cultural background to embrace the quirk of individual identity.

The collections and items are tastefully curated and hand-picked, from heritage aesthetic of pre-loved items to exclusively high-quality piece of fabric to suit your essential lifestyle.

We are your trusted and twisted personal lifestyle connoisseur, daring you to break the norm and embrace the curiosity inside you.  


Choose the items of your liking and redefine your wardrobe. Our collections range from high-end original brand to high quality pre-loved items. LEFTRIGHT ORIGINALS is created to provide a range of menswear clothing from dapper-looking tops to fine tailor-made garments. Shop now and look sharp!


Get the latest updates on LEFTRIGHT ORIGINALS and be among the first to purchase those limited edition pieces. Discover the twisted mind of LEFTRIGHT ORIGINALS’ founder, Fadly Bakhtiar also known as Fabs, as he shares his taste on fashion, music, art, films and everything in between.


Interested to be part of the LEFTRIGHT ORIGINALS team? Send your CV to  and together let’s redefine menswear!


You can reach us at 012-212-9270